“Mind-blowingly helpful.”

"I feel a lot more connected, a lot more peaceful, a lot less depressed.”

“It was life-changing.”

“I learned to figure out what mattered to me.”

“Having [my] boundaries heard & respected was … a new experience.”

“I still stay connected with several people from the course.”

It’s our birthright to THRIVE, and it makes a HUGE difference to build the essential understanding and skills that empower us to create, restore, and sustain our Thriving Life and Thriving Relationships.

But, our mainstream world isn’t really set up to support our thriving.

What’s more, most of us were taught it was “selfish” to really consider our own well-being, especially when someone wants something from us, whether at home or at work.
lf you're struggling with:
  • saying “yes” when you really want to say “no” — and then feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, or even resentful later…

  • feeling too uncomfortable to tell someone what they’re doing doesn’t work for you

  • staying silent about stuff that bothers you ... until you can’t stand it any more and blow up about it (EEK!)

  • repeatedly asking for what’s really important to you, without any change

  • working really hard to create what you dream of, but all too often ending up either disappointed, drained, or both

  • trying to figure out why these things keep happening despite your best efforts, and how to finally get free of these debilitating patterns

… this program is for you.

Setting healthy boundaries in ways that honor and support
everyone’s thriving is a Core Skill
that’s essential
for creating, restoring, and sustaining our Thriving Lives and Relationships
with ourselves as well as with others.

In this life-changing program you will:
  • Discover Exactly What Healthy Boundaries Are, What Weakens And Strengthens Them, and Why Your Health and Your Life Really Do Depend On Developing Them

  • Find Out The 2 Feelings and 3 Questions That Can Empower You In Most Any Boundary Situation

  • Restore Your Connection With Your Inner Compass — so that every day you can identify and live from what’s truly valuable and important to you

  • Discover How To Recognize The “Choice Points” In Your Life — moments when it’s absolutely essential to set healthy boundaries (or pay a price you don’t want to pay)

  • Learn The #1 Sign That You’ve Entered The Boundary Danger Zone

  • Identify And Resolve The Hidden Life-Needs And Values That Are Blocking You From Getting What You Really Want

  • Transform Persistent Anxiety, Confusion, Anger, or Resentment Into Confidence, Clarity, Satisfaction, Connection — And Peace

  • How to Stop Relationship Difficulties — at Home or at Work — from Draining Your Time, Money, Happiness, and Health

By the third session you’ll experience a distinct shift in your effectiveness in a specific area of your life that’s important to you.

By the end of the program, you’ll experience a sense of belonging, calm, freedom, and fulfillment that you might never have imagined possible … that is your BIRTHRIGHT. And you’ll know how to continue to build your power to thrive in all the other areas of your life.


Come join us for this extraordinary journey …
and claim what really matters most to you.

Looking to learn, practice, or build Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication (NVC) skills? 

Had concerns or difficulty with NVC in the past?  

The Healthy Boundaries Program supports you in developing a powerful, down-to-earth relationship
with your feelings and life-needs, expanding your capacity to make life-connected observations and requests
in your everyday life ... without any formulas or awkward language. 

This program has contributed greatly to NVC skeptics, beginners, experienced practitioners ... and
even Independent and Certified NVC trainers.

I was surprised by how useful the class was.

I didn’t think I needed so much help with my own well-being and boundaries,
but I didn’t have a good understanding of what boundaries were.

When I realized how often I was saying “yes” when
I really very fervently meant “no,” I realized that’s probably a pretty big boundary issue!

The course gave me tools for looking inside of myself to get a feel for when I
wasn’t getting my own needs met, and I’ve been able to take these tools and skills with me.

Now I notice what’s going on inside of my body, what stories I’m telling myself, and when I’m shutting down
or wanting to avoid something. And I'm able to make conscious choices about what to do,
rather than just fleeing, shutting down, or being accommodating.

I do feel the Healthy Boundaries Program could benefit pretty much anyone,
because when you realize you matter and you’re able to meet your needs,
you can be a much more effective force in the world."

— Lori L., Washougal, WA, NVC Trainer and Professional Mediator

This LIVE Interactive Program includes:

  • 7 LIVE 2-Hour Online Sessions (Weeks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13, on Zoom)

  • Session Materials and Recordings

  • Transformative Experiential Learning, Personal In-Depth Feedback, and Coaching during the LIVE Sessions

  • Powerful Practices to integrate into your everyday life between LIVE sessions

  • A Fully Human, Authentic, Warm, Expert Course Facilitator who models all course content and practices (including how to fully acknowledge, own, and repair mistakes while maintaining healthy boundaries)

  • A Caring Group of Safe, Compassionate, Resonant Fellow-Travelers

  • Practice Buddy Each Week for deeply validating and transformational support, plus community/connection-building that can last a lifetime!

  • 24/7 Program Discussion Forum for deeper connection and exploration with other program participants

  • Missed Session Support, including Session Recordings and Review with a Willing Buddy

Program Bonuses:

These Powerful Resources will deepen your capacity to Manage and Dissolve Reactivity, Strengthen Your Boundaries, and continue to Blossom Your Thriving, including:

  • 2 30-minute Personal Coaching Sessions ($220 value)

  • 50% off 2 Personal or Relationship Coaching Sessions (up to $280 value)

  • 2 Thrive Align calls ($54 value)

  • Brain Calming Toolkit - Online Course ($27 value)

  • Introduction to Presence Practice ($197 value)

  • Introduction to Compassionate ($1002 value)


Welcome to Life and Relationships As They Were Meant To Be.